Curvy, fun Swimwear in Washington, DC

I’ve never been a skinny girl, so, as one can imagine, I’ve never loved swimsuit season. That is, until I bought a suit at Le Bustiere Boutique in Adams Morgan. I love the curvy brand swimsuits the best as they accentuate the positive parts of my figure while covering the parts I am insecure about. One thing I especially loved is how supportive the tops were! I have problems finding swimwear because of my asymmetrical breasts, but this suit supported them while making them look even in size. When testing them out on the beach during spring break, I found the suit to be incredibly supportive, and I got a ton of compliments to boot! Thanks Le Bustiere Boutique!

Colleen swim leftColleen swim right

Full cup girls: If you’re in the market for a swimsuit that’s supportive, sexy and fun, Le Bustiere is definitely the place for you.

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Le Bustiere Boutique

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Keep Calm, & Wear a Bra That Fits

We’re all aware of the importance of a well-fitting bra, however there are many women out there who have never received a proper bra fitting. In those particular cases, many are left wearing bras that are either too big or too small. At Le Bustiere Boutique our goal is to have you leaving the boutique feeling better than when you walked in; with our expertise and knowledge on the importance of wearing the correct size and fit. Here’s the break down and the “must know” on the health effects of not wearing a bra that fits.

  • It can cause skin abrasion
  • It can cause blockage of the lymph nodes
  • It can ruin your posture
  • It can lead to shoulder and neck pain
  • It can cause damage to the breast ligaments
  • It can lead to sagging breasts

Bra Fitting

***You don’t wear shoes that don’t fit, so why wear a bra that does not fit? ***

Most of our clients are shocked and amazed when they learn their true size.  I would say they typically are wearing smaller sizes than they should and 80% are wearing the incorrect size. We strive to provide every client with multiple options during their bra shopping experience. We will be performing a ‘perfect fit day’ for the Thrive DC shelter on May 13th 2016 and providing women with bras and fittings. Stop into our boutique to indulge in the best bra fitting dc experience.  Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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Le Bustiere Boutique

1744 Columbia Rd NW #2

Washington, DC 20009


Luxury shopping Washington DC

The holiday season is a great time to splurge on some great high end items to spoil yourself or wear for your significant other.  This Nuit infinie skirt is a great addition to our items and it will be sure to spice up your weekend whether you wear it at home for a dinner party or a dinner for two in that high-end hotel in DC. It could be considered to be risque corset like skirt with an extreme touch of class.  There are so many great sights to see in the nations capital while you do a little shopping in DC .

Nuit Infinie skirt MC

Lingerie is a universal item which can be worn anytime during the year. It is especially popular during those frigid cold months.  You can play dress-up when you opt for not going out.  This Mimi Holliday Wisteria item reminds me of winter with great colors, intricate lace and a whisper of pink. It personifies the sexiness of winter.  As a lingerie store in Washington DC we are flattered to bring this great item to you.


Mimi holliday wisteria

Lingerie Boutique in Washington DC

Finally we offer you a LJT red chemise from Paris to bring out the holiday spirit in you. Thank  you for reading our blog. Stop by the Adams Morgan area of DC for a brunch treat and some lingerie shopping.  Happy Holidays!


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Its swimwear season in the nations capital!

swimwear store

Whether you are headed to Hilton Head,  Miami, or that rooftop pool party in Washington, DC we have a unique swimsuit to match your style.   Stop in to see our one piece offerings, bikinis, or monokinis in a multitude of sizes. One of more popular swimwear items is our full cup swimsuits for the full chest and small band size.

This red high waist brief and halter top is perfect for lounging around the Georgetown riverfront taking it all in from the water and having a cocktail on a Sunday afternoon. Le Bustiere Boutique is the place for you if you are looking for swimwear in DC. Feel free to mix and match our bikini options.

swimwear store

This strappy black and tan bikini is a stunning item to wear around South Beach or along with some cut off jeans to the Washington Nationals game.  These items are a glimpse of what we have to offer as far as swimsuits and our core lingerie selection.  The Fourth of July holiday weekend is approaching fast so skip the department stores and online shopping and head to our boutique for  some swimwear shopping.

Tweet us on social media @LeBustiereDC or Instagram @lebustiere and tell us what you are looking for?  Swimwear stores just got more interesting in the DMV.

Local models Casey in the anchors away one piece and Celeste in a black and white one piece.  Le Bustiere Boutique ‘Sensual Everyday Wear’ in Washington, DC.

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