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The holiday season is a great time to splurge on some great high end items to spoil yourself or wear for your significant other.  This Nuit infinie skirt is a great addition to our items and it will be sure to spice up your weekend whether you wear it at home for a dinner party or a dinner for two in that high-end hotel in DC. It could be considered to be risque corset like skirt with an extreme touch of class.  There are so many great sights to see in the nations capital while you do a little shopping in DC .

Nuit Infinie skirt MC

Lingerie is a universal item which can be worn anytime during the year. It is especially popular during those frigid cold months.  You can play dress-up when you opt for not going out.  This Mimi Holliday Wisteria item reminds me of winter with great colors, intricate lace and a whisper of pink. It personifies the sexiness of winter.  As a lingerie store in Washington DC we are flattered to bring this great item to you.


Mimi holliday wisteria

Lingerie Boutique in Washington DC

Finally we offer you a LJT red chemise from Paris to bring out the holiday spirit in you. Thank  you for reading our blog. Stop by the Adams Morgan area of DC for a brunch treat and some lingerie shopping.  Happy Holidays!


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iCollection Halter Corset in black


L.J.T. High Waist Panty

Caitlyn Jenner appearing in Vanity Fair

Caitlyn Jenner appearing in Vanity Fair

Kudos to Caitlyn Jenner on her debut in Vanity fair! With transgender issues being made more aware, we wanted to take a minute to provide some recommendations on what type of lingerie pieces that can help make every female feel comfortable and sexy and beautiful in their own skin. We suggest trying a pair of L.J.T Parisian high waist panties to provide great shape and help to accentuate that womanly curve. Also this can be paired with a classic black halter corset that will really achieve that curvaceous hour glass figure. All items are available at Le Bustiere Boutique at 1744 Columbia Road NW in DC.

5 Reasons Lingerie is Essential

Brand available in store Photo credit:

Brand available in store
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Life today is busy whether you are rushing to your Zumba class after work or taking the children to an Easter egg hunt; because of this, lingerie shopping may not be at the top of to-do lists. It may be considered a”special occasion” or moment of provocation. It is time to remember that intimate apparel is a daily part of our lives, it is the first thing you put on your body and the last thing you take off.  It is not just a treat for your significant other. With respect to our European inspiration we at Le Bustiere Boutique consider lingerie sensual everyday wear. For this reason, I have compiled 5 reasons intimate apparel is essential to a woman’s life.

1. Physical Benefits

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Recently there have been a rash of articles like this one over the necessity of bras, etc.  Not only do bras provide support, but they improve posture and create a slimmer silhouette.

2. Confidence

There is something to be said about wearing something that makes you feel good, and there is no rule saying it has to be visible to everyone; wearing that sexy garter with stockings or a particularly pretty bra and panty set is every woman’s prerogative.

3. Clothes fit better

It is the foundation for every outfit.  Knowing which bra to wear with what makes a tremendous difference, from how that dress will drape your body to how that t-shirt will fit. It is imperative to wear the correct lingerie if you truly want your outfit to shine.

Who wouldn't feel sexy wearing this? Mimi Holliday Blossom Noir Collection photo credit:

Who wouldn’t feel sexy wearing this?
Mimi Holliday Blossom Noir Collection
photo credit:

4. Mood/Ego Booster

For me, there is nothing quite like getting dressed to give me a boost in my mood. Having the right under garments on will make you feel good and a glimpse of yourself in the mirror will always guarantee lift your mood, regardless of your body type.

5. Something for Everyone

A popular complaints about lingerie are comfort style and size. “They don’t make lingerie for curvy/busty/plus size women,” But those days are over, ladies. More and more, designers are realizing women come in all shapes and sizes. While most of these lines and designers are not mainstream, they are certainly on their way.

Le Bustiere Boutique is committed to making every woman look and feel their best, which is why we carry a wide variety of styles and sizes. We carry bra band sizes starting at size 28-44 and cup sizes up to K. Come in today to take advantage of our free bra fitting session and begin building a lingerie wardrobe fit for your life! If you are already a lingerie connoisseur, come in and add to your collection today!

Burlesque: The Art of Seduction

The heels. The glamour. The tease. An_evening_of_tease

The word “burlesque” brings to mind many different aspects that have a singular goal: seduction. In my mind, the evolution of this particular art shows that no matter the age, the human race has always been attracted to that particular need to bask in the sensuousness in all our natures.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Called “extravaganzas” during Victorian times, burlesque shows have evolved throughout history, but not as much as we think. While Dita Von Teese is definitely a modern construct, believe it or not, the idea behind burlesque is pretty much the same now as it was then: parody and satire mixed with a hint of taboo in order to seduce the audience into enjoying the graceful and suggestive movements of the dancers.

Dita Von Teese Photo credit:

Dita Von Teese
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Here at Le Bustiere Boutique, we are committed to helping you achieve the pinnacle of your sensuality; which is why we are proud to present our monthly burlesque workshop with burlesque dancer Ms. Gigi Holliday! An Evening of Burlesque begins tonight at 7PM to 9PM. Interested parties may buy tickets on or at the door. Cost is $20. Come and join us so you can discover your inner sex kitten and learn a few new things to spice up any Valentine’s Day plans you might be planning….

The Corset: Ever Enduring Garment

There is a reason why no woman ever has said: Oh my what a comfortable corset!

And yet, I found myself uttering these very words not a week ago as I tried on one of Le Bustiere Boutique‘ newly arrived corset collection. While I was busy marveling at the fit and comfort, my boss urged me to walk around and sure enough, not only was my waist tiny but my hips, well, rocked!


The most restrictive of all undergarments has endured in the lingerie fashion world for centuries. It begs the question: why? Nowadays, the corset itself is a symbol of utter sensuousness and seduction. They tuck everything in and push the right things out. Burlesque culture has further pushed the sexiness of the hourglass shape achieved by these garments in a society struggling to break out of the stick figure phenomenon. But for the record (and as I was explaining to some gentlemen) there is a difference between what we call a corset now and what was called one back in the day.


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Personally, I have been wearing corsets on and off my whole life because my grandmother, bless her soul, believed that wearing them helped young women of today keep their waists and establish proper posture. (She warned of the dangers of low riding jeans; she believed they were to blame for shapeless women; no woman ever believed in the saying “Beauty is pain” more, except perhaps my mother.) Imagine my surprise when I grew up and discovered they were considered sexy!

Ladies, we are very lucky in our choices for corsets today. Back when Catherine de Medici introduced this enduring item in France in the 1550’s, they were enforced with wood or other hard items in order for women to achieve the ideal shape. Over the years, women voluntarily encased themselves in whalebone, metal, ivory, etc.,  striving to have a tiny waist and an enviable figure. In the end, “stays” as they were referred to by the mid 18th century, were a must have item, as well as the shifted organs that went with them. But these were not the cute satiny sexy items we have today. They were often figure length and extremely restrictive- not the ideal burlesque accessory.

Thankfully, corsets today are much more appealing and giving us the option to wear by themselves. I don’t think that would have flown in Victorian England…

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Thanfully it flies with us. Remember to check out our Evening of Burlesque Workshop with Ms. GiGi Holliday this January 31st!!