Curvy, fun Swimwear in Washington, DC

I’ve never been a skinny girl, so, as one can imagine, I’ve never loved swimsuit season. That is, until I bought a suit at Le Bustiere Boutique in Adams Morgan. I love the curvy brand swimsuits the best as they accentuate the positive parts of my figure while covering the parts I am insecure about. One thing I especially loved is how supportive the tops were! I have problems finding swimwear because of my asymmetrical breasts, but this suit supported them while making them look even in size. When testing them out on the beach during spring break, I found the suit to be incredibly supportive, and I got a ton of compliments to boot! Thanks Le Bustiere Boutique!

Colleen swim leftColleen swim right

Full cup girls: If you’re in the market for a swimsuit that’s supportive, sexy and fun, Le Bustiere is definitely the place for you.

bikini photo2

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5 Reasons Lingerie is Essential

Brand available in store Photo credit:

Brand available in store
Photo credit:

Life today is busy whether you are rushing to your Zumba class after work or taking the children to an Easter egg hunt; because of this, lingerie shopping may not be at the top of to-do lists. It may be considered a”special occasion” or moment of provocation. It is time to remember that intimate apparel is a daily part of our lives, it is the first thing you put on your body and the last thing you take off.  It is not just a treat for your significant other. With respect to our European inspiration we at Le Bustiere Boutique consider lingerie sensual everyday wear. For this reason, I have compiled 5 reasons intimate apparel is essential to a woman’s life.

1. Physical Benefits

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Recently there have been a rash of articles like this one over the necessity of bras, etc.  Not only do bras provide support, but they improve posture and create a slimmer silhouette.

2. Confidence

There is something to be said about wearing something that makes you feel good, and there is no rule saying it has to be visible to everyone; wearing that sexy garter with stockings or a particularly pretty bra and panty set is every woman’s prerogative.

3. Clothes fit better

It is the foundation for every outfit.  Knowing which bra to wear with what makes a tremendous difference, from how that dress will drape your body to how that t-shirt will fit. It is imperative to wear the correct lingerie if you truly want your outfit to shine.

Who wouldn't feel sexy wearing this? Mimi Holliday Blossom Noir Collection photo credit:

Who wouldn’t feel sexy wearing this?
Mimi Holliday Blossom Noir Collection
photo credit:

4. Mood/Ego Booster

For me, there is nothing quite like getting dressed to give me a boost in my mood. Having the right under garments on will make you feel good and a glimpse of yourself in the mirror will always guarantee lift your mood, regardless of your body type.

5. Something for Everyone

A popular complaints about lingerie are comfort style and size. “They don’t make lingerie for curvy/busty/plus size women,” But those days are over, ladies. More and more, designers are realizing women come in all shapes and sizes. While most of these lines and designers are not mainstream, they are certainly on their way.

Le Bustiere Boutique is committed to making every woman look and feel their best, which is why we carry a wide variety of styles and sizes. We carry bra band sizes starting at size 28-44 and cup sizes up to K. Come in today to take advantage of our free bra fitting session and begin building a lingerie wardrobe fit for your life! If you are already a lingerie connoisseur, come in and add to your collection today!

Trends: Boudoir Photography

They say that the best presents you can give all have a personal touch. Perhaps a hand written note, or homemade baked goods used to be the norm; but now, people like to have a little more spice and variety in life. More and more, boudoir photography sessions have been gaining popularity across the nation.

Les Jupons du Tess High Waisted Panties w/suspenders & Samba bra (Sold separately)

Les Jupons du Tess
High Waisted Panties w/suspenders & Samba bra
(Sold separately)

At Le Bustiere Boutique, we make it our business to make sure you are ready for your close up.Whether you are a lace and romance type of girl, or if you are looking for more of a pin up and pearls look, we have what you are looking for, from exquisite romantic French lingerie to bold and modern Dirty Pretty Things.  For ladies looking for a different look altogether, our Oh La La Bandage garter skirt and matching cage bra might be your cup of tea…bandage garter skirt

More and more photographers are expanding their portfolios to include this type of work in order to take advantage of this growing trend. While you can search for your ideal photographer, we have your ideal outfit waiting for you.

Here at Le Bustiere Boutique,our job is to help you achieve the look you want with pieces that will stand out and bring out your inner sex kitten. Whether you already have your session booked, thinking about it or considering it in the far future, we definitely have what you want, so come in today!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

March has begun. Hopefully (and I think everyone in my neck of the woods would agree) spring will soon be upon us and what better way to help warm things up than to come into Le Bustiere Boutique and find something that will heat things up?

Sometimes the dress code is a little casual...

Sometimes the dress code is a little casual…

With today being Mardi Gras, I had to tip my hat to a celebration that encourages a little more skin than usual. I wanted to pick something daring and seductive, but something you could wear without feeling like you were only wearing beads and a mask (Sometimes the dress code can be quite lax).

Dirty Pretty Things was at the top of my list for this week’s picks for many reasons, all boiling down to their wearability, comfort and style. Their MIA cupless bodysuit is flattering with its vertical black and white stripped pattern, whose sheer material gives us just enough of what is underneath. This particular piece is hot right now, especially since singer Ellie Goulding literally ROCKED the stage at her concert in Germany wearing it.

Ellie Goulding concert in Germany wearing the DPT Mia cupless body suit Photo:

Ellie Goulding concert in Germany wearing the DPT Mia cupless body suit

Ellie chose to pair it with a bondage inspired brassiere and black high waisted shorts. While I dig the naughty retro look, I prefer to pair it with Dirty Pretty Things’ black satin waistcoat.

MIA Cupless Bodysuit (S,M,L)

MIA Cupless Bodysuit

Personally, I like this look because it shows off the clean lines a little better, while also makes it a very wearable outfit with some skinny black jeans. We even featured it at last months’ pop up lingerie show!

Braver women can choose to wear it sans waistcoat and paired up with some tasteful pasties, but that’s another scenario entirely….



Mark your calendar, fans, because Le Bustiere Boutique is proud to announce we will soon be carrying swimsuits! So come in and get ready for spring break, your beach get away or just because. Come in today and get ready for a month that is beginning with the hottest, sexiest celebration all year long; but not the only! We are only three months into the year and there are a lot more celebrations requiring our sensual selection, even if the celebration is just for you!

And keep in mind, we DO have an excellent collection of pasties.

Erotic Glam: The New Face of Lingerie

It seems that women today are tired of choosing between functionality and sensuality. And who could blame them? Every girl wants to feel sexy and comfortable. The new trend in lingerie this year is giving them just that. Beginning with the Salon Internationale de Lingerie in Paris in January, the new exciting trends can only be described as “erotic glam”, which emphasized subtleness and seductiveness, not trashiness and vulgarity.

Dirty Pretty Things Embracing the Vintage Erotic Glam trends

Dirty Pretty Things
Embracing the Vintage Erotic Glam trends

But what does this mean for the regular girl who doesn’t necessarily keep up with lingerie trends? Well, one trend that will be hard to miss is the vintage style that is experiencing a resurgence in popularity this season. The push up bra is key here; they aren’t just for smaller girls anymore. More and more, designers are heralding the busty girl, extolling the curves of everywoman’s body. So if you got em, flaunt em’, ladies! The best part is that comfort is on the top of designers’ list, blending fashion and functionality perfectly.

Another big trend this year is the corset. These staples of burlesque are becoming more and more popular as the vintage aesthetic heats up this year. One of my favorite styles to emerge this season is the waist-cincher, which can be worn under or over garments…or with just a naughty panty.

ICollection Lace Waist Cincher (S, M, L)

ICollection Lace Waist Cincher (S, M, L)

Le Jupons du Tess High Waisted Clouds Panty

Le Jupons du Tess
High Waisted Clouds Panty

Obviously the burlesque inspired garments are hot this year, and the erotic glam trend is falling in stride with high waisted panties, garters, and garments keen on extolling a woman’s natural lines such as her bust and back. Adorning these seductive garments are a plethora of beads, feathers and the like to enhance a design’s beauty. Others, like Arensky, are choosing to use bold colors and patterns to make their statement with pieces designed to work with a woman’s body and enhance natural attributes. The best part of all is that comfort is not sacrificed on the alter of fashion; all designs have been thought out for both glamour and comfort!

Here at Le Bustiere Boutique, we keep up with the trends to make sure you leave the store feeling your best. Our goal is to ensure that everyone gets what they are looking for, so come in today!

Happy Valentines from Le Bustiere Boutique!

Happily Ever After Pleasure Kit

Happily Ever After Pleasure Kit

Like every holiday, Valentine’s Day comes but once a year. So whether you are single, attached, or otherwise, we here at Le Bustiere Boutique want to help you make this year a memorable one.
While some people (sorry gents, but this one is usually males) are running around in a panic trying to pretend they didn’t forget Valentine’s Day, others are finalizing reservations or sprucing up for a night on the town.

Whatever the case, one of our scented massage candles will add a sensual surprise at whatever moment you choose. Our Bijoux selection comes in scents of chocolate or wild strawberry, our soy massage candle from Crazy Girl will entrance your senses with its sweet and subtle vanilla scent.

Crazy Girl Soy Massage Candle and Sensuva XO Kisses & Orgasms Pleasure Kit

Crazy Girl Soy Massage Candle and Sensuva XO Kisses & Orgasms Pleasure Kit

It comes with a spoon, so when the candle is melting, you can spoon and drizzle the oil on your partner’s back for a sweet treat. Or, for the more adventurous, pick up our Sensuva pleasure kit, which promises to transform your partner’s lips into SO much more for the evening.

If you are looking for a more visual treat for the holiday, our new corsets can serve multiple purposes! If you are going out for a night on the town with friends, our pink brocade corset

Pink Brocade Corset Photo courtesy of ICollection

Pink Brocade Corset
Photo courtesy of ICollection

might ensure you don’t end the night alone, while couples at dinner might want the dessert course to come a little quicker.

In any case, whether you are looking for lingerie, toys or a simple gift with tons of uses, we will find the perfect accessory to make tonight perfect. So stop by Le Bustiere Boutique and make tonight, or any other, the perfect steamy end to banish the cold.

Love Is In the Air…

February: the month of l’amour.
What better place to get anything you need for this sexy month than Le Bustiere Boutique? Whether you are single or attached, this week’s pre Valentine’s Day picks will give you or your special someone something to look forward to at the end of the week!
If this is the appetizer, imagine the meal…

Oh La La Merry Widow w/Garters (S,M,L)

Oh La La Merry Widow w/Garters

Our Oh La La Merry Widow bustier will flatter every body type. Removable garters allow you to add a little va va voom by pairing it up with some sexy stockings or, if one prefers, you can remove the garters in order to pair it with some flattering pants or jeans to throw your partner for a loop when they discover the sexy lace underneath.

For more adventurous ladies looking for something with a little more pizzazz this Valentine’s Day, our new Be Wicked line has just the answer you are looking for. This flirty and fun set is just what the love doctor ordered for any girl that wants to add some pink ruffles to their special night.

Be Wicked Pink Hearts Set (S,M)

Be Wicked Pink Hearts Set

The fashion bra comes with two sets of straps,straps, giving the wearer the option to cross them for a lifting razor back style, a halter style or the traditional bra style. However you decide to wear this little number, rest assured that your day will look a little brighter.

So come in today to find a little something special for Valentine’s Day or even for tonight. Every night can be special when you visit Le Bustiere Boutique…

Booty Parlor in the news!

Life n StyleLooking for new ways to spice up your love life this Valentine’s Day with some fun and sexy products? Look no further than our Booty Parlor selections! Recently written up in Life and Style magazine, these products are loved by Hollywood celebrities as well as the staff here at Le Bustiere. Loaded with pheromones, it will keep your lover wanting more…every time.

Assorted Booty Parlor products

Assorted Booty Parlor products available at Le Bustiere Boutique




With its cute packaging and flirty products, these are some must have items that will guarantee entertainment for all the hours until spring…

Check out Booty Parlor’s blurn in their down under edition HERE!!!

Are you naughty or nice?

Are you naughty or nice?
Available at Le Bustiere Boutique

Weekly Picks: Dirty Pretty Things and Arensky

Sometimes despite the fresh routine the new year promises, we can find our enthusiasm stall. I know January can be both inspiring and tedious all at the same time. So what can a girl do to give herself a little extra oomf?
Le Bustiere has the answer. Whether you are the sunny girl who longs for spring or the rosy cheeked gal who loves snow and hot chocolate, we have just the thing for you.

DPT Ava Bodysuit (S,M,L)

DPT Ava Bodysuit

London based Dirty Pretty Things offers a bright, flirty selection with their Ava bodysuit. This gold mesh and silk chiffon creation will brighten anyone’s gloomy mood and brings to mind all the bright things in store for the spring. Whether it peeks out from a under your cardigan or let’s loose after hours, it will definitely make anyone’s frown turn upside down.

Since not every girl is looking for the spun sugar look, our second selection comes from the

ARENSKY Indice Set (Assorted sizes)

Indice Set
(Assorted sizes)

Brazilian designer Arensky. While this bra, clincher and panty set may not bring spring to mind, it is safe to say it is also a heck of a mood lifter. The well padded bra provides comfort and style while the waist cincher and thong complete the look. Designed to bring out the best features of the female form, try it under a sweater dress to turn heads and give yourself a sexy secret to smile about.

Remember to come in and browse through our selection, including our new spring collection pieces that will make you long for warmer weather. Don’t forget, Friday January 31st marks our next Burlesque workshop with Ms. GiGi Holliday, so don’t forget to sign up!

Hello 2014- Lola Haze starts us off right…

With the new year officially here and what’s left of the other in your building’s dumpster, many of us are geared up, pumped to keep our yearly resolutions. Between the gym, work and our new “hobbies”, lingerie shopping is pushed back in the priority list.
So what’s a girl to do?

New York designer Lola Haze has the answer. Wile her line of sensual wear includes chemises, sexy teddies and nighties, she also has created an exceptional line of rompers for everywoman. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of hers for the basic reasons of comfort, versatility and sensual appeal. All of her designs are made of silk and hand crafted in the US.

Now some may be asking, “what IS a romper?” or “how is a romper different from a basic teddy?”. For me, the simplest answer is that rompers are a type of body suit which can be worn alone or paired up with jeans, skirts, etc. thanks to the lines and cuts in her designs, LH rompers are a great fit for most body types; they definitely enable the wearer to go from day to night…to bedtime.

Here at Le Bustiere we feel that gold is always a good stand out color. The Lola Haze gold shimmer romper is a perfect example of her designs’ “multi purpose” use: the romper has a fitted bottom (with snaps! or bathroom breaks could be interesting..) but a loose top which drapes becomingly on a woman’s best features. The shimmery almost sheer fabric is just enough to exude a sophisticated and subtle hint of what lies beneath.

LOLA HAZE Gold Shimmer Romper (S,M,L)

Gold Shimmer Romper

If you like to show a bit more skin, the Golden Goddess romper is a perfect match. Tight fitted, it features a daring peek a boo design that will be sure to have tongues wagging by the stroke of midnight. The clingy fit is better suited for a more willowy body type, but curvy ladies can also pull this look off (although you will definitely need to invest on breast cups or double sided tape if you are on the busty side).

Lola Haze  Golden Goddess Teddy

Lola Haze
Golden Goddess Teddy

Come visit us during the early days of 2014 so we can help you find your sensual confidence with an awesome new (under) wardrobe; because don’t you deserve to look and feel sexy in 2014?

From all the staff here at Le Bustiere, happy new year!