Luxury shopping Washington DC

The holiday season is a great time to splurge on some great high end items to spoil yourself or wear for your significant other.  This Nuit infinie skirt is a great addition to our items and it will be sure to spice up your weekend whether you wear it at home for a dinner party or a dinner for two in that high-end hotel in DC. It could be considered to be risque corset like skirt with an extreme touch of class.  There are so many great sights to see in the nations capital while you do a little shopping in DC .

Nuit Infinie skirt MC

Lingerie is a universal item which can be worn anytime during the year. It is especially popular during those frigid cold months.  You can play dress-up when you opt for not going out.  This Mimi Holliday Wisteria item reminds me of winter with great colors, intricate lace and a whisper of pink. It personifies the sexiness of winter.  As a lingerie store in Washington DC we are flattered to bring this great item to you.


Mimi holliday wisteria

Lingerie Boutique in Washington DC

Finally we offer you a LJT red chemise from Paris to bring out the holiday spirit in you. Thank  you for reading our blog. Stop by the Adams Morgan area of DC for a brunch treat and some lingerie shopping.  Happy Holidays!


city pic7

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