Lingerie for Washingtonians

Lingerie is typically thought of as a sexy outfit for a special occasion with your significant other. We take a different approach which is similar to the European view where women wear lingerie on a daily basis and it is an essential foundation for their outfits. Women and men in Paris considerate it an essential necessity to any stylish outfit whether it is a professional look or evening wear.   The right intimate apparel will change your mood and make you feel super confident.

I recently agreed with a recent blog post from The Lingerie Addict about lingerie brands using sex professional worker imagery in their marketing campaigns while shunning those same individuals. The post talked about how intimate attire was incorrectly categorized as pornographic on websites although the images of the women where not even nude. Also some women were afraid to be categorized as a whore or stripper for wearing lingerie. It seemed that some lingerie brands did not want to associate themselves with these type of workers but quite frequently had imagery related to their work.  Le Bustiere Boutique is client agnostic and we not only accept all genders and professions but we celebrate them.

Lingerie Store Washington DC

Lingerie in Washington DC L’Agent Playsuit

Washington DC can be a bit conservative.  However we have experienced a very good response to our merchandise from business women, moms, daughters, brides to be, the transgender community and the occasional man. As the holiday season approaches feel free to stop in and experience our bras, corsets, bodysuits or lingerie options.

We have been receiving quality reviews from our bra fitting service and the level of customer service that we have been providing.  A bra fitting can be an unnerving experience for some women but we make it an enjoyable fun experience where you can walk out with some stylish and well-fitting bras for women of unique sizes. Women typically come in not knowing their true bra size. There seems to be a notion among some women that a 32DD or DDD may be one of the largest sizes available.  Then they learn that they are a size larger in the cup or smaller in the band size.

Hosiery is a popular item that we carry in the fall and winter months. With many stylish legwear options to offer you for work or a weekend evening out on the town. We would like to think we pare the stockings with a bodysuit for those colder months.   Our stylish well-made chic hosiery is comprised of knitted patterns and designed not to rip or snag. Stop in today to view some of our unique underpinnings!

Bra Fitting

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