Fabulous Corsets in Washington DC

We have some great new corset additions to our boutique.  With the change in seasons and autumn upon us we would like to introduce a few of the many additions. This lovely vanilla brocade over bust corset with vanilla satin lining features steel boning and brass eyelets. It is great piece that is produced in Spain.

In the center we have a high quality basic black brocade. It is trimmed with black pleated satin and velvet tape over the upper and lower part.

On the far right we have a Bianca blue chasse corset to throw in a splash of color. Consisting of blue taffeta lining, printed cotton, blue satin bow and spiral steel bones it is a fabulous item.   If you are looking for great item to wear out in the fall these corsets would be a great item to wear under a more formal jacket or with a pair slacks.  – Team Le Bustiere Boutique

Corset Helena Vanilla Brocadecorsets helena black brocadecorsets Bianca blue chasse

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